Beach Trip


Last month, two of our boys and their house parents planned a trip to their village. Since it was close, they made plans to take all the boys to see the ocean in Phuket! Since the older girls showed so much dedication in their studies and were at the top of their classes, they were rewarded by joining the vacation!

After visiting the boys’ village, they went to get settled into the children’s home nearby where they spent two nights. The staff and kids said that was a highlight because they loved getting to meet new kids and spend time with them.

Early the next day, they took a longboat out to Krabi Island and saw Khao Tapu Rock, one of the most famous landmarks in Thailand. They got adventurous, climbed up a mountain nearby, and spent time exploring the caves. On their second day at the beach, they played in the water and sand all day. They swam and collected shells from 10 in the morning until 6 at night! They wanted everyone to know that they all got sunburned because they said that shows how long they stayed at the beach for! They said that their favorite part was waiting for the waves to come and jumping over them.

While Larissa and one of our girls, were playing in the water, she bent down and picked up a handful of sand. She said “Look, P. Larissa! This is a lot of sand. God has even more thoughts for us. He has more thoughts about us more than the sand in my hand. God loves us so much!”

After their days at the beach, they visited a memorial for the victims of the 2004 tsunami. They saw the ships that had been thrown from the ocean to the mainland and still stand today. It was a meaningful experience for them to see the history and remember those that lost their lives.

After a good week of eating a lot of seafood, a lot of candy, and watching a lot of movies, they were ready to leave because they were homesick. They said it would be perfect if they could bring the beach home because they love both so much!