We will do
whatever it
takes to
save her.
We will do
whatever it
takes to
save her.
Life Impact
is fighting to
end child
2 children trafficked
every minute worldwide
children involved
in prostitution

Life Impact International Locations

Currently, for Brazil, our focus is PREVENTION. With projects in Juazeiro do Norte and Rio de Janeiro, we are targeting some of the most vulnerable, at-risk, and dangerous areas where children face extreme and unimaginable abuse, poverty, drugs, and violence.

For the past decade, we’ve been able to rescue children that no one else had access to, out of unimaginable situations, and provide healing through our supported homes in Myanmar. We have just become an official NGO in Myanmar, which will enable us to rescue more children.

Thailand is where our work began. Since 2010, we’ve rescued and provided healing for hundreds upon hundreds of children and helped to protect thousands more from the ongoing threat of exploitation.    

Our UK office consists of dedicated volunteers whose main objective is to help partners and friends in the UK support, join in the fight, and bring awareness to child exploitation worldwide. Our UK team also works to keep partners informed, establish new partner relations, and help further fundraising efforts within the UK and surrounding nations.

Life Impact USA is our headquarters in Broken Arrow, OK. Our US team supports the overall mission and vision of Life Impact through various administrative duties, fundraising, and coordinates mission teams from partner churches visiting our overseas works and projects.

We fight every day to
end child exploitation

We will do whatever it takes to save exploited and at-risk children. Our strategy is simple: Prevent, Rescue, and Heal. We fight to “Prevent” the atrocities of exploitation in all its forms from trafficking, abuse, and abandonment, to slavery and prostitution. We fight to “Rescue” as many children as possible. And we fight to bring “Healing” and restoration to broken hearts, bodies, and minds.


We prevent child exploitation by targeting the most vulnerable and at-risk children, families, and communities through educational & awareness projects, feeding programs, and outreaches, as well as emergency family support.


We are a part of a governmental network consisting of the police, social welfare, hospitals, and community leaders that inform us of the next child in need of rescue. We then investigate the situation and intervene.


We don‘t just rescue children, we take every step possible to bring restoration, healing, and wholeness to each child entrusted to our care. We make sure that they are given the love and childhood they deserve.

“My mom would tie me up so I couldn’t run away and wouldn’t let me study. She and my stepdad would beat me when I wouldn’t do what they wanted. My aunt untied me and I ran away and hid when my mom came looking for me.”
– Life Impact Rescued Child


Facing giants in Brazil, we will not back down.

we can
give a
child hope