Brazil: A Burning Dream That Would Not Die

This week we celebrate the miraculous and thrilling news that Life Impact is now an officially registered organization in Brazil! We are on our way to rescuing the precious children that have been calling to Lana for over 19 years!!

Nineteen years ago, Lana heard a missionary talking about the desperate plight of the 300,000 street children of Brazil who sniffed glue to numb the pain of hunger in their stomach and the desperation of their lives. These homeless, abandoned children were so numerous that shop owners paid the police to massacre them because they were such a nuisance with their begging.  Her heart broke and she cried out to God to send her to these beautiful children living in unspeakable horror.  It became her mission that day to get to Brazil and she began to prepare for it.  She knew, somehow, God would open the way.

While she was waiting, she was asked to go to Thailand to help rescue children from human trafficking.  Thailand’s child sex trade was notorious and so she went, knowing God was opening this door.  God blessed her greatly and enabled her to start Life impact Thailand and Myanmar which has prevented the exploitation of countless children as well as rescued and healed many more all.  But all the while the children of Brazil were in her heart, a burning dream that would not die

In 2019, she read Matt Roper’s book “Highway to Hell” which details the lives of Brazilian girls so poor that they traffic themselves on the side of the road just to buy food for their families.  She cried out to God one more time to send her to Brazil and finally, almost 20 years later, God said, “I am doing a new thing” and she knew He was saying  “Go get your children in Brazil”.  She immediately began to launch Life Impact Brazil and found that He had prepared support, a team, and incredible favor with governmental and church leaders. The launch and official recognition of Life Impact took years to accomplish in Thailand but has been done only in a year in Brazil.  God has rewarded a young woman’s faithfulness and answered her cries for the children of Brazil.  He never forgets our dreams.  He gives them to us and they are precious to Him. Click here to purchase

To get more information about his book you can find a summary posted here.

Rejoice with us over the legalization of Life Impact Brazil. We know God will use Life Impact mightily to touch the lives of countless desperate children.