Eradicating Child Trafficking in a Local Garbage Dump

For the past ten years, our team has been partnering with a local Burmese church to bring the gospel and stop trafficking in a local garbage dump. Approximately 200 families have made their homes at the dump, searching through the trash for recyclables in order to make 60 to 90 baht a day (2-3 dollars) to feed their families.

These Burmese families came here, because they had to flee their homes in Burma. One of the hardest parts to fully grasp is that living at the garbage dump is a better situation than where they were at.

With the local church, we put on a Sidewalk Sunday School program every week. With seventy to a hundred children joining us, they receive a hot meal, their medical and hygienic needs are met, they receive necessities such as rain boots, and they get to learn about the Bible. Through games, songs and Bible stories, these children have been learning about how much they mean to our Heavenly Father.

This has made a huge difference in the lives of the families at the dump. Sharing the gospel has given this community hope and salvation. Through these consistent prevention efforts, the trafficking of children has been eradicated in this community!

Every child in the village is now eating without having to earn it, in school during the week, and learning about Jesus. Thanks to partners like you, these children have been given hope!

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Watch this video to hear Lana share and see for yourself what we are doing here!