House of Hope: Finding Treasures in Darkness

In the early days of Life Impact, there seemed no way to rescue the hundreds of street kids living on the Myanmar (Burma)/Thai border. While so many on the Thai side had been rescued, Myanmar (Burma) remained a closed country.

Lana would walk around the border area and pray for God to make a way. These children were so poor and lost, so hungry and without hope. Many of them were caught in forced labor, forced to beg, or to work in dangerous jobs for their owners.

Street Kids in Myanmar 

Street children in Myanmar are very often caught up in forced labor much of it dangerous and many children do not survive. It is estimated by Save The Children that 10 children die in Myanmar per day. Many street children also labor in forced begging rings, required to bring in 70 baht (about $2)  per day, or be beaten and tortured by their owners. A child’s life in Burma can be bought for about $2.50 by a human trafficker, then sent to Thailand where they go for much more in the brothels of Thailand. A little girl’s virginity is worth at least $3000 USD in Bangkok. Needless to say, to live on the streets, without a home or protection. in Myanmar, is very dangerous for a child.

God spoke to her and said “I will open the double doors before you and I will give you treasures in darkness.”

This was the situation that was breaking Lana’s heart as she prayed for a way to rescue the children she saw on the streets of Myanmar. One day while she was praying, God spoke to her and said “I will open the double doors before you and I will give you treasures in darkness.” She knew He was talking about the street children of Myanmar.

God was faithful to His word and He did indeed open the door in Myanmar. Life Impact was able to start a feeding center for these children. They started negotiations with their parents and owners to send them to school, and House of Hope was born. The feeding center eventually became a children’s home, and now these children are off the streets, going to school, and have a chance for a long, full life.

When Life Impact started House of Hope, these children had no dreams, no hope for the future. They could not even answer the simple question of “What do you want to do when you grow up?”  It baffled them because they never imagined they would have the freedom to choose their future. But now their lives are no longer just about survival.  God rescued them and gave them hope for the future.  A House of Hope.

Urgent Prayer Needed!

Please pray for these children now as there is great upheaval in the area where they are located. The military takeover of Myanmar has become violent in their city, and these children are in a dangerous area. Pray for their safety and the safety of the staff.