Orange May Drama

Our Life Impact Brazil team worked hard to prepare a drama for the month of May, to bring light to the crime of child sexual abuse, in a playful way but showing the seriousness of it as well! Through the play, we were able to shine a light on abuse and exploitation, but we were also able to show that there is a solution and a hope – the healing and restoration of Jesus, for God is with us!  This drama tells the story of a little girl who is abused inside the four walls of her home. The play uses a “little doll” to represent a young girl who is sexually abused and exploited and it shines a light on the many problems that it brings!

We were able to put on this play over 10 times in our prevention projects, communities, churches, and in local schools. Every place we put on this play, people were left touched and often moved to tears. Many of the moms, dads, children, and students identified themselves in the play. They came up to our staff and shared their story with them. We were able to provide counseling and prayer, and ultimately share Jesus with them, the greatest healer!! 

Military School in Juazeiro Do Norte

One place we were able to put on the drama was at a military school in Juazeiro do Norte where we were able to share about God through the drama. 

Our Life Impact psychologist and social worker established a partnership with the city council for children’s rights. With that, the city council sent part of their technical team to talk to some of the students about how they can report abuse and exploitation situations. It was truly an incredible opportunity and an open door for Life Impact!

One girl came up to one of our staff in tears after the drama and said in a very quiet voice, “I didn’t get a chance to play in my childhood… and the little doll is fine today.” When our staff member heard this, she knew that this precious little girl went through unspeakable traumas growing up. She was saying that today she was still okay, despite the abuse she endured in her past.

What Life Impact is doing is so important. I was sexually abused as a child and suffered a lot in life, but I found Jesus and since then my life has changed and today I am married and have 2 amazing daughters.” – Shared with our staff member. 

This drama was so powerful!

We were able to touch so many lives and we heard countless testimonies. We believe their lives will never be the same.