The Gospel Center

This year, we are reaching into one of the darkest areas on our border. In the middle of the border, neither Thailand or Myanmar has proper jurisdiction. There is no protection or law enforcement from either side. This area houses most of the drugs, middlemen for trafficking, and sold children. We have met with local pastors to see how we can pierce the darkness and bring light to this unreached area!

Here are some of our strategies for 2013:
-Start a drop-in center for begging children to come, eat, and hear the Gospel. It will be located in one of the poorest communities on the Burma side of our border. We will call it “The Gospel Center”!
-Send two staff into “no man’s land” to build relationships and pray with the families every week!
-Start a sidewalk Sunday school for the begging children on the Thai side of the border!

These efforts will serve to rescue sold and at-risk children and bring them to our safe home, and also to evangelize an unreached, vulnerable people group: beggars, their owners, gamblers, drug dealers, users, prostitutes, and misfits of society! We will reach them with the Good News of how they can escape the kingdom of darkness and come into the Kingdom of light because of God’s son!

You are a part of it all! By your prayers and support, you are going into the most destitute and dark places with us and bringing His glorious light! We couldn’t do it without you and thank God for you continually! Thank you with all of our hearts!