BRAZIL: Prevention and Our First Rescue


Despite months of COVID lockdowns, the work in Brazil is going full steam ahead. God has done amazing things to clear the way for us to reach some of the world’s most at-risk and exploited children! And just as we have before, we are starting our work with PREVENTION

As we begin the work of Prevention, our team has already pioneered into two favelas (slums) in Brazil to begin identifying the children who are the most at-risk of exploitation and registering them into our projects.

Our trips into these most vulnerable communities have been an overwhelming success! We were able to deliver food baskets, as well as register 84 families and 118 children between the ages of 7 and 18! 

These children live in unimaginable poverty, and it is extremely dangerous for our team to even venture into these places. Even though these are some of the most dangerous places in all of Latin America, we have seen God’s hand, favor, and protection in everything we do!

God has been faithful to protect our team and lead them to the children and families in the most desperate need of our help! 


*Name changed for the protection of our rescued child.

At only 16 years old, *Carlos was regularly beaten by his mom and step-dad. His step-dad also beat his mom, but Carlos would try to protect her. Carlos was targeted by drug dealers trying to recruit him — but he knew that was not the life for him. He tried to work an honest job laying bricks and when his mother saw this, she beat him because she wanted him to make more money selling drugs.

After that beating, Carlos called in tears and scared out of his mind. Our staff had an emergency meeting with the local judge and decided on the best way to help him. After prayer and meeting with his mother, she agreed that there was a better way and more options for Carlos if he could get out of the community. He is out now and finally safe with our team.

Carlos is able to live freely without worrying if he will wake up tomorrow. And he will finally have opportunities besides the inevitable life as a drug dealer. His future is bright and he finally has hope!

We knew we would have to start with PREVENTION in Brazil, but God has already given us our first RESCUE as well!  


You can join others around the world and help give back to children just like Carlos! Our goal for December is to raise $20,000 to cover six months’ worth of expenses for our prevention projects and expenses for our very first rescue, Carlos.

Give today and be a part of making an eternal difference in Carlos’ life and countless children just like him!

We are excited about the days ahead and thankful to be a part of God’s rescue plan for Brazil! Thank you for fighting with us for the precious children of Brazil!