Where It All Began


After over 11 years, we have finally moved our remaining teenage girls to their family-style safe homes at the Girls’ Promise Land.  It’s a time for celebration, but also a time to look back and thank God for all that He has done. 

As we end this chapter, we can’t help but be in awe of the way God has provided for us, every step of the way. From the very first 8-year-old girl we rescued to when we had 60 children living in a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, up until now, with 42 acres of beautiful land and 150 children in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma), God has blessed us unimaginably.

God has kept us safe when others have said what we were doing was too dangerous. He not only protected our children from traffickers and corrupt police, but He has used these children to reach others for Him. Even though they were exploited and abandoned and have nothing this world thinks is important, they know their Rescuer, Jesus Christ. And because of knowing Him, their joy shines brightly in a very dark place. One of the people who was drawn to their light, ironically enough, was the local Chief of Police. Normally, police would shut down houses or exhort bribes. But because of God’s amazing favor and blessing, the children were able to pray for him, see him healed of cancer, and receive Jesus and new life!

That is just one example of the miracles God has worked through and for us here these past 11 years. One of the greatest miracles was a few businessmen that He sent to help us acquire and develop our Promise Land. They saw our 60 children, crowded into a 5 bedroom house, playing on concrete and using a truck bed for a playpen, and said, “You can’t have these children in a concrete jungle, God’s got more for you!” They stretched our vision and encouraged us to believe for more and to dream bigger. Through their support, along with countless others, we dreamed a beautiful dream with our children. And it has come true! Our Promise Land, with 25 acres for the girls, toddlers, and babies, and 17 acres for the boys, has beautiful trees for children to climb and green grass for them to run and play in along with room to grow so we can rescue even more children! God, in His great love and kindness, has given us far more than we could have ever asked for or imagined. 

We may have reached the end of one season but this is really just the beginning for Life Impact, our best is yet to come! God is still asking us to dream a bigger dream. The future will be even more than we can imagine right now! He will be faithful, just as He always has been! Thank you to all those who have been with us through the last 11 years! We want to thank you with all our hearts and to encourage you to dream God-sized dreams. Expect to step into your own Promise Land. 

He will never fail you just as He has never failed us!