Fun Day in Ceara

During a recent school break, our LI Brazil team in Ceara planned several special activities for the children in our prevention projects. 

They held a personal hygiene class in one of our locations where the children were taught how important it is for each person to have and use their own towel when showering, and many of the kids told our team that they don’t have their own towel, in their houses, they have to share with their whole family.  One of our staff members was moved by this and determined to help meet this need. 

The team raised $600 reais ($130 dollars) to be able to buy towels and soap for the kids. 

During another special activity, our team took the kids to the pool to spend the day swimming and just having fun. For most of the children, this was their first time in a pool! It was so awesome to see their little faces so excited! 

In addition to all the excitement, our staff took time to give each of the children a brand new towel and a bar of soap. Of the 60 children who were able to be a part of this event, only seven had a towel at home. All of them were so excited and overjoyed by the gift of soap, a simple bar of soap meant so much to them! 

During the event, one kid asked one of our team, “What time is it?” So the teacher answered, and the kid replied, “I will write this day and time and I will never forget it!”

Such a small gesture for us meant the world to these kids. Each and every day we are impacting these children and seeing transformation in their lives. We love days like this and know that this is a day these children will never forget!

“Look how happy these kids are and all because they were given a bar of soap!”
– Larissa Rocha, Life Impact Staff