Garbage Dump


Every Saturday we partner with a local Burmese church here on the border. Together we spend the day at the local garbage dump where about 200 people live. They have fled their homes in Burma, and have built their new homes in the middle of the garbage dump. They live there searching through the trash, looking for anything the can recycle to make 60 to 90 baht a day (2 to 3 dollars) to feed their families. The hardest part to fully grasp is that living in the garbage is a better situation than where they were at.

Each Saturday with the Burmese church, we play games, sing songs, teach a bible story, and feed them a hot meal. As well as hair cuts, baths, clipping fingernails, passing out rain boots, and taking people to the clinic. It is a great time of loving people for the sake of Christ.

Please keep the people who live in the garbage dump in your prayers. Please pray for us and the Burmese church, that we will be able to serve them in the best way possible and that God gets the glory.