His Mother Took an Abortion Pill to End His Life

His mother took an abortion pill when he was only five months in the womb. He was not supposed to survive. But he did.

Long Life was supposed to die as a baby. His mother took an abortion pill when she was only five months pregnant. She started cramping so she went to the free Burmese clinic and there she gave birth. She thought her baby was dead so she fled the clinic but to everyone’s surprise, the baby started crying. The nurses named him Long Life because he survived not only the abortion pill but also a very premature birth. The clinic called Life Impact and he came to us as an infant. His eyesight was damaged, either by the abortion pill or the premature birth, causing him to be blind in his right eye and extremely far-sighted in his left eye. The doctors said that he would eventually be blind but the odds have always been against Long Life and he has defied them all!

“We just know that God has an incredible plan for this little boy.”

Lana Vasquez

Today. Long Life is in the 3rd grade. He is really good at math and writing. He loves to cook his favorite foods like fried eggs and homemade French fries. He’s mastered riding his bike and is the fastest on the land on his bike, as well as being a fast runner. He loves his two-year-old sister and likes to help take care of her.

The other great news is that even though the doctors said he would be blind, he is NOT! He still has partial vision in his left eye and it has not decreased as they said. He continues to amaze everyone who knows him with how much he can do. God rescued him and kept him alive for His great purpose and we can’t wait to see what it is.