Mae Noot’s Miracle!

It was a regular Saturday night. The only thing that set this Saturday apart from others was the celebration BBQ we had for all of our staff, missionaries, houseparents, and children. We had survived several months of lockdown due to COVID-19, things were finally opening back up and our kids were returning to school. We had a reason to celebrate! Everything seemed normal, the smell of BBQ was everywhere and we were all just enjoying being together again…

The attack on Mae Noot’s (one of our house mothers) life came out of nowhere that night. Gripped with unexplainable pain, Mae Noot’s husband, Pa Aye immediately rushed her to the hospital!

I and some of our team quickly followed them. Before we even arrived, Pa Aye called me. He was frantic with worry and asked that we pray. As soon as we started to pray, I heard in my heart, by the Spirit of God, “As fast as this attack has come, it has to leave even faster. No weapon formed against her shall prosper for this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their reward is of Me, sayeth the Lord.” 

Click here to watch the full story of Mae Noot’s Miracle!

Mae Noot came under attack so fast, but just as God said, as fast as that attack came, it left her even faster! 

It seems that in this season, so many children of God are facing attacks from all sides that are springing up out of nowhere. For some, the attack may come like Mae Noot’s, and their bodies are threatened. For others, the attack may target their family or their marriages, maybe even finances. Maybe you feel that at this very moment, you are under attack. No matter what the attacks may look like or what you may be facing personally, I believe that God is speaking the same truth over your life – As fast as this attack has come, it has to leave EVEN FASTER. No weapon formed against YOU shall prosper for this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord.

If you are in need of a healing miracle in your body, we want to encourage you today with what God has to say about your situation.

I know that many of the attacks we face come against our bodies and we find ourselves needing to be healed but the truth is, the devil doesn’t just attack our bodies. He will target marriages, families, our minds & emotions, our finances… he will strategically target whatever he thinks can affect us. Maybe you find yourself facing an attack or even multiple attacks. It’s in the midst of these attacks, that we can cling to the promises He has given us.

No matter what attack you may be facing, know that God is on your side and as quickly as the attack came, it has to leave even faster!

We love you and are continually praying for you!


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