Crying Out For America!

Over the past several months, we have watched from Thailand, as America has faced so many unimaginable circumstances. From the chaos of COVID-19 to the tragic murder of George Floyd, and the riots that followed, America has faced what seems like one hardship after another and has weighed heavily on our hearts.

The weight we felt was almost overwhelming and so we came together as an organization to pray! With tears, the national staff, children, and I prayed for America! We prayed for the churches still struggling with opening back up after the COVID-19 shutdowns. We prayed for an end to the violent riots. We prayed against the undeniable hate and injustice. We wept and poured out our hearts to God for this incredible nation that has given us so much! 

We gathered together for 10 back-to-back nights of fervent prayer! We just couldn’t stop. We knew that so many were suffering and only God could change things in America! Our hearts’ cry throughout it all, was, “We won’t stop until it all stops!” 

Our desire was to see God bring about lasting change in America. What we didn’t expect, was just how much He would do in our own hearts! We all drew so close to God during this time and even when faced with exhaustion, we kept pressing in for just a few more moments in His presence! Even our children loved this time! 

These moments are some that will mark us all for the rest of our lives. We will remember these 10 nights of prayer and what God has done for us, and we will continue to watch as God moves in America! We’ve already seen miracles as a result of our prayers! God is moving and will continue to do so, even in the midst of chaos and we are so thankful to get to be a part of what He is doing on the earth! 

Not long after we finished, several of our teenagers approached us because they had it on their hearts to begin to pray for revival on our Promise Land! So even though this time of prayer came to an end, the work that God started in their hearts has only just begun! We believe there will be revival here on our Promise Land, in the nations of Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Brazil, the UK, and in America!

To all of our Life Impact family in America, we know this season has been rough, but we also know that God is faithful and He is fighting for you! We love you and will continue to pray for you!