Meet Mai

From a family legacy of trafficking to one of joy, that’s the story of Mai, whom Life Impact International rescued in July 2008.

Mai was just 2-and-a-half years old when we found her in Thailand. She was one of several children whose parents were known recruiters for traffickers, having sold some of their own children for as little as $24. It’s just what her family did. It’s all they knew. Mai’s grandmother sold her mother, and Mai’s mother sold one of her daughters, who then tried to sell the rest of the siblings and even her cousins.

We first rescued Mai’s older sister, which led to a sting operation where we rescued two of her cousins who spent their days begging on the streets of Bangkok. Eventually, we rescued Mai, along with all seven of her siblings.

Thanks to her amazing house parents, her home is full of laughter. She takes on new challenges with enthusiasm. She just loves life.

From being rescued to raised up, that’s the story of Mai.

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