Three Children Rescued

The stories of abuse and neglect are often similar, but the faces of those we rescue are unique and precious. Our rescue team has investigated 12 cases this month, rescuing three children.

Kaeo*, only three years old, had disappeared from the home where she was living with her father and his friend. She was later found across the border in Burma, about to be sold. Kaeo lived with the men because her mother divorced her father when she was only eight months old. At that time, her father didn’t have a job and couldn’t find work since he needed to stay home to care for his daughter. After he moved in with his friend, he eventually found work when Kaeo was a year and a half old. Last August, when he left his daughter to go to work, she disappeared, and the friend said he didn’t know where she was because he was drunk. When authorities returned her to her father, he couldn’t take care of her. We rescued her because her father and his friend abuse alcohol, her father has no home, and she is at significant risk of being trafficked again.

We rescued four-year-old Nyan* after finding him living in a bamboo tent in the forest with his disabled father, who is a Burmese refugee. His father was severely injured last year when he fell into a well he was digging. While he was treated at a hospital, his injuries caused permanent damage to his nervous system, making it difficult for him to walk. And just last month, Nyan’s mother died after a foot injury became severely infected. Nyan’s father cannot provide suitable housing, food, or even an education for his son. Now, Nyan is at the Promise Land, where Life Impact will provide for his needs.

Six-year-old Maung is an orphan. His mother, who struggled with alcohol addiction, died last year. We don’t know who his father is or even where he lives. After his mother died, he went to live with a step-brother, but he is unable to care for him or provide basic necessities, including sending him to school. Muang is now safe at the Promise Land, where he will get an education and has hope for the future.

Three children whose lives are forever changed because of the generosity of Life Impact’s faithful donors.

*Names changed to protect the children

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