Meet Nong Prao and Nong Ploy

Their mother thought they would bring shame to her family, but God knew otherwise. Not only is Life Impact their family now, they are a double blessing to us, bringing smiles and laughter to the Promise Land.

Nong Prao and Nong Ploy are 4-year-old twins we rescued in 2018 when they were only a month old.

Their 20-year-old mother got pregnant after having a relationship with her sister’s husband. She and her mother decided they didn’t want the girls because they believed they couldn’t handle the shame it brought their family. They went from house to house trying to get numerous people to take the girls, but no one wanted them because there were two of them. They were vulnerable to trafficking.

When a Burmese woman offered about 300 US dollars for them, out of desperation, the mother took it, giving her twin girls away. But that woman’s neighbor saw what had happened and knew one of the babies would be trafficked to Bangkok, so she called Thailand’s welfare office. They brought the girls to us because of our reputation for giving new life to exploited children.

Now, Nong Prao and Nong Ploy are at the top of their kindergarten class. They’re incredibly smart, quick learners, and musically inclined. 

They might be twins, but each has their own unique personality, with Nong Prao loving to dance and sing and Nong Ploy enjoying books and coloring, rescued from perceived shame and bringing twice the joy to everyone around them.

You made a difference in Nong Prao and Nong Ploy’s future! And together, we can change the lives of more children like them.