Meet Quan

The Gift of a Peacemaker She’s described as a peacemaker, but her early life was anything but peaceful. In fact, it was marked by parental neglect and abandonment.

Quan came to Life Impact International in 2012 at the age of three. Her 13-year-old mother and 16-year-old father had divorced. Her mother eloped with another man, while her father left her to wander around her village in Burma. She would seek refuge in different households until the village leader became concerned, and her 60-year-old great-uncle stepped forward to care for her. Despite his efforts, he lived in constant fear that her father, driven by poverty and desperation, would return and try to sell her to traffickers.

That’s until Life Impact rescued her from a life of uncertainty and vulnerability at Christmas, naming her Quan, which means “gift” in Thai. 

She truly is a gift to the Promise Land. She’s gone from being cuddled for hours at a time when she was younger to an active and vibrant teenager who has a heart to worship Jesus and gives the best hugs. Others, who are among the first children Life Impact rescued, are mentoring her on the church worship team. She’s talkative, fearless, and full of spunk. Her Promise Land family says she is so engaging to talk to, an hour-long conversation feels like just a few minutes. She loves to play volleyball and apparently is quite the jokester. 

Being known as the peacemaker puts her in good company because, as Jesus said in Matthew 5:9, Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

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