Meet Thiew

13-year-old Thiew shouldn’t even be alive. He has survived against all odds.

His mom took pills to abort him at 27 weeks. As labor began, she stumbled into a clinic and gave birth. The mom assumed her baby was dead and slipped out of the clinic.

However, Thiew—weighing less than 2 pounds!—was a fighter. He survived and lived his first few months at the hospital. Surviving was only the first hurdle. At that time, babies were being sold on the border for $30. Thiew was at high risk of being trafficked.

Until Life Impact International RESCUED him!

Today he is thriving! Although blind in one eye and hearing impaired due to not being fully developed in the womb, Thiew has overcome significant obstacles! Despite his impairments, he loves riding his bike, skating, and playing guitar. He has excellent hand-eye coordination. Thiew also excels in his classes, loves to draw, and helps his friends learn math.

Above all, Thiew loves Jesus! He enjoys helping at church.

Because of YOU and your faithful support of Life Impact, children like Thiew, have gone from despair to hope…from a living death to a FULL LIFE.


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