Farm to Table

In Thailand, Life Impact International has been blessed with beautiful acreage we call the Promise Land—land where our goal is to be 100% self-sustainable through agricultural farming.

Many years ago, God gave a promise to our founder, Lana Vasquez, from Leviticus 26:4-5. In it, God promises to send rain in its season, trees that will bear fruit, and his people never lacking food. 

That’s why we call it the Promise Land. And each year, God is fulfilling that promise as we move closer to being fully self-sustainable. Before she heard God’s promise, Lana had days when she didn’t have enough rice to feed the children or milk to give the infants, but God is faithful.

As part of their healing journey, the rescued children who live there are learning skills by helping care for the greenhouses, raise chickens, collect their eggs, and grow fish.

The organic, all-natural farm, free of pesticides and growth hormones, is helping feed the more than 150 children and adults who live on the Promise Land.