Music Lessons

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Since the first night, I spent here, one of the most tangible and incredible ways I have felt God move is through worship at the children’s home. The presence of the Holy Spirit floods in through the voices of the kids and it never ceases to amaze me. These kids have such an anointing over them. There is so much talent here, not just in music but also in so many other ways!

Just over two months ago I started teaching music lessons to the boys. During our time so far they have improved so much and have been the best students I could ask for. Just the other day, we were blessed with a new music teacher who will take over guitar and piano lessons while I focus on teaching drums. The kids are so excited to be learning their instruments. They have been picking up each other’s instruments, teaching each other what they’ve learned, and willingly practicing on their own time. They have been learning so fast and show great motivation. They are so sweet, appreciative, and always excited to start playing! They have started bringing different worship songs for me to teach them. I think in the near future if they so desire, they will be able to start playing together as a group, learning how to worship God in song and lead others into worship.

One of the older girls in our home, who started playing guitar long before I came around, is getting better and better by the minute and loves to play music in her spare time. She has already begun to occasionally lead worship with one of the house fathers, and she is doing an incredible job. It is so inspiring to me the way she sings, prays and loves Jesus in all that she does!

We are now practicing music in a brand new music room on the land! The kids love their band room and we get to make all the noise we want! We still have a few things to do to the room in order to get fully in order, but it is already such a blessing and we are definitely enjoying it.