Meet Nong Oi

Rescued when he was only nine, Nong Oi is brilliant with math, a whiz with a Rubix cube, and draws amazing pictures among other talents. But that wasn’t always the case. When we first rescued Nong Oi several years ago, he struggled in many areas, including school. We quickly learned he just needed to know how much he was loved and wanted.

After his father died, Nong Oi’s mother remarried and had more children. His stepdad decided Nong Oi was “too expensive,” so his parents sent him to a boarding home. Soon after arriving there, he ran away because he was being abused. He tried getting into a different boarding home, but they sent him back to the original one. Eventually, that home was shut down for sexually abusing children and because the government said it had been opened illegally.

Nong Oi and ten other children had no home, and the government couldn’t find Nong Oi’s parents. That’s when social workers sent him to Life Impact.

Thanks to his loving house parents and the staff at the Promise Land, he now knows how much he is loved and wanted. They say he has the sweetest smile and enjoys working out and playing soccer and guitar.

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