Every week, we have been going to a local, free, Burmese clinic to spend time with the kids. Some people sell everything they have to travel to this clinic on the border and get the medical attention they need. Walking through the clinic, you see a lot of poverty and feel the desperation for medical attention. It is nothing like American facilities; it’s not as clean and doesn’t have a lot of technology or resources. It’s amazing to see how they make it work, even without all of the things that we have and rely on.

Some of the children we visit are patients, and others the children of patients. We do crafts, music, and games with them. It is always a blast. The kids are so fun and love having their picture taken. One of the staff told me that most of the kids have seen a lot of violence or have been traumatized in some way. The clinic’s goal is to give the kids a safe place to come and play and to receive the attention and love they may not be getting from their parents, so we try to do just that.