Sound of Freedom

Sound of Freedom is a powerful movie based on the true story of one man’s quest to rescue a brother and sister from sex trafficking—a journey that leads him into the heart of Columbia and exposes the darkness that is right now, this very minute, enslaving millions of women, men, and most of all—precious, vulnerable children.

In fact, by the time you finish reading this, another child will be sold for their body or their labor somewhere in the world—maybe down the street from you or halfway around the world. No matter where…

God’s children are not for sale!

Hollywood, influencers, and politicians did NOT want this movie to see the light of day. It took many years for it  to finally make it to theaters. You may ask yourself, why the delay? Why the silence from those in powerful places?

It’s hard to face the cold, hard reality that children are being sold into sex slavery or back-breaking labor in a factory.

This movie is a call to action! It’s time to wake up!

Life Impact International will not stop until every child is safe and loved. For 22 years, Life Impact has been working in Thailand and Burma, and most recently, in Brazil to PREVENT, RESCUE, and HEAL thousands of vulnerable and exploited children.

At all of Life Impact’s locations, we PREVENT child exploitation by targeting at-risk communities through education and awareness, feeding programs, outreaches, and emergency support. We RESCUE  through partnerships with community leaders to provide safe homes for those who have been exploited. And we HEAL by giving access to spiritual care, tutoring, vocational training, along with providing them the love and childhood they deserve.

Human trafficking, sex trafficking, slavery, and exploitation— these are giants that MUST come down!

What can one person do? A LOT!

Spread the word about human trafficking and child exploitation. Talk to friends about it. Post about it on social media. Encourage your church and co-workers to get involved.

YOU can also support the work of Life Impact by giving $46 during our Birthday Fundraiser this month. But most importantly, pray! Help bring light into the darkness and save these children from a fate worse than death, giving them a hope and a future.