Keeping Families Together

A huge part of what we do is not only rescuing children who are sold or vulnerable to being trafficked, but we also prevent these things from ever happening to innocent children! One way we do this is by supporting whole families and keeping them together if the situation is safe and it is in the best interest of the child. The following case is a truly refreshing prevention success story!

We heard about an old couple that was raising their 13-year-old, abandoned granddaughter. The girl’s mom abandoned her to her grandmother when she was still a baby. Her mother now has a new family and other children, but her grandparents have continued to raise her. They have worked hard their entire lives and continue to work in their old age. The grandmother would walk several miles to a field to pick vegetables to feed the family. The grandfather is going blind and frequently ill, so he can no longer work often. They are doing their best to send their granddaughter to school and give her a good, Thai education.

She was walking for about one hour to school. Since it was getting more expensive to send her, she was going to have to start working in the summers to help pay for it. Also, the owner of the land their house was on, sold it, so they were evicted and homeless. Her grandparents were trying their best but struggling.

This girl was highly at risk because of her situation, age, and geographical location. On the border, she is a prime target for traffickers! Out of desperation or because her grandparents could no longer take care of her, they could be tricked to give this girl up to traffickers. Someone would promise to educate her or give her a job as a housemaid, but she would really be sold to Bangkok for exploitation.

Because of your faithful support we are able to feed, support and help keep this family together! Additionally, we have built them a new home and provided this young girl with a bicycle to help her get to school. She is safe, provided for, and with her family that loves her!