Youth Group

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In our homes, the children come together to worship then break up into groups according to their age to learn the Word of God. Since many of our children are becoming teenagers, we decided to start a youth group. They are so excited about it!
It’s been so much fun teaching our youth and seeing their hunger for God and growth in Him. After we get together on Wednesday nights, I give them personal study questions and assignments. These are steps in teaching them how to own their faith, study the Word for themselves, and apply it to their lives.
For the past few weeks, we have been doing a series called “I AM” where every week we study our Identity in Christ. When we reviewed the lesson “I AM fearfully and wonderfully made” from the week before, I asked the youth how they have taken this truth and applied it to their lives. One of our 14-year-old girls said, “Every morning before I go to school, I look in the mirror and tell myself that God made me very beautiful!”
Having a youth group is an exciting change that will help them grow and become all that God has called them to be!