The Most Vulnerable Received A Miracle!

The most vulnerable, living in the local garbage dump, were facing a month-long quarantine without enough food to feed their families even for the next day…

They needed a miracle.

Something Had to Be Done!

We received word that there were at least 150 families in our local garbage dump who were in desperate need of food. They live day to day, hand to mouth, working there with little to no food, limited access to clean water or healthcare, and they are some of the most vulnerable in our community. As the threat of COVID-19 has increased on our border, these families are even more susceptible to contracting the virus. In addition to that, the nation was facing an imminent month-long lockdown, which meant that without food, their already desperate situation could become tragic. We knew something had to be done! Just then, some of our dear pastor friends and ministry partners called us and God provided! The very next day, we were able to purchase enough rice to feed these precious families for the entire quarantine!


“I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me. He freed me from all my fears.”  – Psalm 34:4

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to Pastor Chris & Sue McDonald and Life in Christ Church in Marion, KY! THANK YOU for listening to your heart, stepping in to meet this need, and helping to ensure these people will survive this lockdown! We also want to say THANK YOU to our local ministry partners, Pastors Shine Lin & Hin Pai, and their amazing church team for distributing the food! You all are our heroes! We truly are all in this together and you guys proved that! Please be praying for these precious people in the days ahead!

There is a lot of uncertainty in the days ahead, but one thing we are certain of is that there are going to be even more needs here on our border, and in Myanmar (Burma). This is just the beginning. If you would like to be a part of and bring hope and help support the vulnerable on the Thai/Burma border, then please click the donate button below. We know that there are many needs throughout the world right now and we so appreciate you partnering with us to help meet the needs here on our border! We couldn’t do it without you!