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Brazil Highlights

“Christmas in their Hands, Heaven in their Hearts” Annual Christmas Outreach For the past 18 years, we have been bringing "Christmas in their Hands, Heaven in their Hearts" to thousands and thousands of children! First, it started in Thailand and Burma, and since launching in Brazil, we've been able to share with the children there [...]
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Fun Day in Ceara

During a recent school break, our LI Brazil team in Ceara planned several special activities for the children in our prevention projects.  They held a personal hygiene class in one of our locations where the children were taught how important it is for each person to have and use their own towel when showering, and [...]
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Garbage Dump

  Every Saturday we partner with a local Burmese church here on the border. Together we spend the day at the local garbage dump where about 200 people live. They have fled their homes in Burma, and have built their new homes in the middle of the garbage dump. They live there searching through the […]

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